What to say and how to say it – how best to explain to your child and the family about a diagnosed mental health condition

Presenter: Dr. Lori Rockmore

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Your child has been diagnosed with a disorder. When and how do you tell your child? What about family? How do we tell them? What do we tell them? This webinar will give you a guide on how best to explain to your child and the family about a diagnosed mental health condition.


  1. KelleyT says

    We have an uncle in the family who has some severe tics. We don’t want to scare our son into thinking that he will be the same as he ages. We are not sure what to do.

  2. KelleyT says

    We have an 11 yr old son whose medical disability is not particularly visible, yet it can be life threatening. He is remarkably mature in so many ways because of his surgeries and life experiences, but socially immature. Is this unique for kids with disabilities? What can we do to help him “catch up” socially or will he always a little behind the curve?

  3. KelleyT says

    Would it be correct to say that sibling understanding of a diagnosis is very important and the lack of it can really complicate the progress of the child with the disability?

  4. KelleyT says

    Is there any evidence that a child who does research with parent is in a better place to understand and come to grips with their disorder?

  5. KelleyT says

    Extended family denial, how to deal with it? Close relative thinks we are coddling our teen age son diagnosis with school refusal/OCD/anxiety.

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