The NJCTS Youth Development Program provides youth diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome mentorship, support, leadership and self-advocacy training, public speaking opportunities, networking, and social skill development as well as an opportunity for kids and teens to explore the creative arts. The children and teens develop their strength, courage and confidence while embracing their differences and advocating for themselves and others as a Youth Advocate. Our Youth Advocates present at schools across the state to bring awareness to the Tourette Syndrome with the hope of destigmatizing the disorder and prevent bullying.

Our wide variety of Youth Development programs discussed below put kids with this often misunderstood disorder on a positive path to becoming leaders and productive citizens.

“Becoming a Youth Advocate for NJCTS has helped me build confidence in myself as I learn to live with my Tourette Syndrome, inspire others who live with it and educate those who don’t. Now, I am a successful college student on my way to earning my degree in Early Childhood/ Special Education and Psychology. I am forever grateful for NJCTS and what they have done for me and my family.” – Liane, NJCTS Youth Advocate

Youth Advocate Opportunities

School, Hospital, and Community Presentations

The NJCTS Youth Advocate Program trains children and teens, ages 10 to 18, to lead presentations to student and community groups about Tourette Syndrome and its associated disorders. Advocates are empowered by sharing their experiences in front of audiences of all sizes and attendees receive a strong anti-bullying message that promotes acceptance, tolerance, and self-advocacy for all.

Each year, our NJCTS Youth Advocates reach thousands of students at public and private schools in New Jersey. In addition, our educational outreach professionals reach teachers and administrators during in-service trainings which provide information on the disorder as well as techniques for working with students with TS in the classroom.

During a hospital Grand Round (presentation) TS medical expert shares the podium with a youth advocate and together they present to a team of attending physicians and residents. The medical expert discusses the signs and symptoms, characteristics, diagnosis and treatment of TS. Following this the youth advocate presents for 10 – 15 minutes including questions and answers. This allows those in attendance to hear first-hand the impact and challenges of TS in a person’s daily life.

Dare to Dream

These conferences, put on by the NJ Department of Education, are leadership conferences that focus on strategies and information aimed to prepare high school students with disabilities for college and career readiness. There are several keynote speakers at each conference and NJCTS youth advocates have participated as keynote presenters for the last 10 years. As a keynote speaker, the Youth shares their story of living with TS and the associated disorders. This is a wonderful opportunity to show others that TS will not stop them from being who they are and reaching their goals. These presentations provide motivation and encouragement for people in the audience dealing with their own life’s challenges.

Legislative Testimony

Throughout the year, representatives from NJCTS will meet with legislators in New Jersey regarding a number of issues of concern to the TS community.  Often, a Youth Advocate will accompany the Executive Director to meet and speak with the legislators and share their story.

Camp Mentor Panel

Each year, NJCTS families come together at Camp FantasTIC for some family fun. Included in our activities is a mentor panel, where camp attendees (both kids and parents) have the opportunity to ask questions of our seasoned advocates.  Mentors range in age from teenagers still in high school to young adults making their way in the world.  It is a unique opportunity for kids and families to ask questions of those going through similar experiences.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards becoming an NJCTS Youth Advocate, fill out an application today!

Other Opportunities for Kids and Teens

NJCTS Youth Council

The purpose of the NJCTS Youth Council is to empower youth (ages 13-18) living with TS, tic disorders and the associated conditions, or some form of lived experience with TS, to educate, advocate and increase awareness of Tourette Syndrome and tic disorders. The Youth Council will provide an open forum for communications where youth can share information and ideas and discuss relevant topics inherent to the TS and tic disorder community. Through these conversations, making connections and participating in activities teens will create and develop ways for increasing awareness and furthering the mission of NJCTS. APPLY TO BE ON THE YOUTH COUNCIL

June 4th Proclamation

We encourage our advocates to spread awareness through the promotion of TS Awareness Day. We ask them to request that their mayor, county or state official make a TS Awareness Day proclamation.  This involves contacting their office, explaining what Tourette Syndrome is and specifically what they are requesting.  Often when someone succeeds in getting a proclamation declared, there is the chance to meet the official and have photos taken.

Event Involvement

One of our main fundraisers is our annual walk. NJ Walks for TS promotes awareness, acceptance, action, and advocacy of Tourette Syndrome and its associated disorders. This event is about fun and empowerment for kids, by kids, and about kids.

The NJ Walks for TS virtual walk spans the months of March through May, and is a great opportunity for Youth Advocates to spread their wings as leaders by organizing a team, serving as a team captain, creating awareness and raising funds for NJCTS programs and services.


Teens4TS is a blog that provides a forum for youth advocates to share their thoughts, ideas and accomplishments with the NJCTS community.  It is another avenue for kids with TS to connect with one another, and to be reminded that there are others out there facing similar struggles.

NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy

The NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy is a four-day intensive program that takes place on Busch Campus at Rutgers University. Over the course of the four days, participants attend workshops that provide a deeper understanding of their diagnoses and participate in small group discussions where they share personal triumphs and challenges. Participants always report that they form lasting connections, gain a better understanding of themselves, and walk away with a toolkit that prepares them for a successful future. Learn more

Virtual Engagement/Support Groups

Through the years, our families have asked for support groups where kids could get together, learn and talk, have fun and make friends. Therefore, we have created a once a month virtual activities led by teens and young adults with TS. These events provide opportunities to engage in conversation, share ideas, create friendships and really build our wonderful TS community! Check our calendar of events for the next meeting.

Scholarship Fund

To date, NJCTS has awarded more than 300 scholarships to graduating high school seniors diagnosed with TS. Winners are selected based upon academic achievement, community involvement, and accomplishments as an individual living with this challenging and complex neurological disorder. Learn more

For more information, call 908-575-7350 or email info@njcts.org.

Thank You To Our Youth Development Sponsors

If interested in sponsoring our Youth Development programs, including the Tim Howard Leadership Academy, please reach out to Hilary Kruchowy at hkruchowy@njcts.org, or 908.575.7350.

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