The following virtual programs are live and interactive.

Today’s Challenge, Tomorrow’s Strength: A Support Group for Parents of Children with Tourette

This online support group is an avenue for parents who are new to a TS or tic disorder diagnosis to seek support and guidance from parents who have more experience, as well as an opportunity for parents with more familiarity in coping with TS or tic disorder to also learn and seek guidance. The group is facilitated by Dr. Jeremy Lichtman, an expert in the treatment of TS, who is there to answer questions and provide guidance wherever you may be in your journey.

Community Connections for Adults with TS

An online group for adults with TS, age 21 and up. Join us as we come together to build our community and connect with others navigating both the TS journey and adulthood. Here you can comfortably discuss your experiences, share advice, and build relationships with those who understand your unique challenges.

Tourette Talk

Tourette Talk is a monthly online informational series for parents, educators and individuals with Tourette Syndrome, a tic disorder, or associated disorders. Each month a different facilitator, an expert in the topic, will lead the discussion and take questions from participants. VIEW THE TOURETTE TALK ARCHIVE

Online programs are offered on the Zoom platform. The next session for these programs can be found in our upcoming events list. Registration is required.

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