The UpTIC is a podcast that provides an opportunity for the eclectic voices of the TS community to be heard. The topics covered will be as diverse as this neurodivergent population.  You will hear personal stories, learn more about Tourette Syndrome and be inspired to live fully. Wherever you are on your TS journey this podcast will inform and engage listeners and offer new insights and perspectives for self-reflection and action.

By listening to the UpTIC, it is our hope listeners will feel empowered and be able to enhance their lives in meaningful ways.  The conversations will be frank and offer a wide range of views and observations that may be common or uncommon in the TS community. Everyone has a voice and the UpTIC will provide that platform for discussion that opens up the door for further conversations with friends, family, colleagues and others, well after an episode has ended.

Be part of the experience and tune into the UpTIC, if you want to stretch the boundaries of what is possible in your life.

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About our host:

Michael Leopold is a career coach, human resources consultant, and public speaker. As founder and president of Leopold Talent Consulting, he offers comprehensive career consulting services to individuals and training programs to organizations. As a professional with Tourette syndrome and ADHD, he leverages his lived experiences to help organizations hire and retain neurodivergent talent. Michael has held progressive HR and consulting roles at Deloitte, Xerox, Two Sigma Investments, and Mercer.

For 15+ years, Michael has been an outspoken advocate for tic conditions and mental health. Originally from Indiana, Michael now lives in NYC where he supports local initiatives around career development, neurodiversity, TS awareness, and mental health advocacy. Since 2016, he has been a coach at the NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy. Michael holds a B.S. in Cognitive Science from Yale University and a M.S. in Human Capital Management from Columbia University.

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