The GreaTS Tim Howard


Let’s not pretend Tourette Syndrome doesn’t make us any different. It does. It has its immense challenges. And setbacks. But because of these daily hard-fought battles. We’re stronger. We feel more. Sense more. See more. It’s when we stop hiding and start accepting our beautiful quirks that we can beat down this condition. Let’s harness our focus on the good. The things we love. A soccer field or stage or blank canvas or scientific equation. Let the tics and distractions inspire the bursts of brilliance. The impulsive genius. The athlete, writer, teacher, musician, teen, parent. That’s when we’re free. Free to step out from behind the shadow of TS. Free to dream. Free to be our amazing selves. Sure, we’ll have our hard days, but nothing can stop us from having the glorious ones. Be anything we want to be. Be one of the GreaTS.

Tim Howard

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