NJCTS led a presentation to more than 150 Newton school district faculty and staff at Newton High School.


Creating an Awareness of Tourette Syndrome and Associated Disorders

The objective of the NJCTS Education Outreach Program is to create an awareness of Tourette Syndrome and associated disorders and inform and educate people throughout the community to better understand this misunderstood disorder. This program works to improve the lives of people with TS through education, advocacy and the reduction of the stigmas associated with these disorders.


Faculty In-Service Presentations

For more than a decade, NJCTS has offered the Faculty In-Service Program, which is geared toward education professionals in elementary and secondary schools across New Jersey and provides information about Tourette Syndrome (TS) and associated disorders. These presentations, conducted either by NJCTS staff or educators and medical professionals, provide strategies and accommodations for the classroom as well as promote a more positive, inclusive, and successful classroom environment for all students. Our in-services now feature a youth advocate, online learning tips, and strategies for managing stress and anxiety. They are valuable to all faculty regardless of whether or not a student with TS is present in the classroom.  Download a Fact Sheet

Youth Advocate Presentations

The NJCTS Youth Advocate Program trains children and teens, ages 10 to 18, to lead presentations to student  groups about Tourette Syndrome and its associated disorders. Advocates are empowered by sharing their experiences in front of audiences of all sizes and attendees receive a strong anti-bullying message that promotes acceptance, tolerance, and self-advocacy for all. These presentations are given in classrooms or to full assemblies. Download a Fact Sheet

Community Presentations

NJCTS offers Community trainings designed for professionals in community-based organizations across New Jersey, providing information about Tourette Syndrome and associated disorders. We continue to reach out to underserved communities, developing relationships with a wide range of local organizations who can, in turn, reach families in need. This outreach has provided NJCTS with the opportunity to collaborate with representatives of Care Management Organizations, Family Support Organizations, Family Success Centers, the Children’s System of Care, mental health organizations, and a wide range of county-based social and human service agencies. The goal of such partnerships is to connect families in need with the support and services available through NJCTS and its partners. Download a Fact Sheet

Law Enforcement Presentations

NJCTS offers trainings designed for professionals in local, county and state police departments across New Jersey. The training provides information about Tourette Syndrome and associated disorders. The presentations promote a more positive and safe environment for individuals with these disorders as well as for Law Enforcement professionals. In some communities NJCTS has been included as a presenter in the Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) provided for law enforcement and mental health professionals.

The training creates an awareness of TS and associated disorders and how the symptoms of these disorders may impact an individual’s actions in a high stress situation. Attendees learn how to apply their de-escalation techniques to situations involving people with TS. With as many as 1 in 100 individuals showing signs of TS or other tic disorders, this training is valuable to all law enforcement officers who regularly come in contact with the public. Download a Fact Sheet

 To schedule a presentation or for information on upcoming presentations, visit our calendar, call us at 908-575-735, or email us at info@njcts.org.

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