NYU Langone Child Study Center

Frequently Asked Questions about the NJCTS and NYU Langone Collaboration

Who are NYU Langone?

The Child Study Center of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone Health is a major component of the recently established Center of Excellence at NYU Langone Health and the NYU Grossman School of Medicine.  Established 25 years ago, the Child Study Center, part of the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (DCAP), is the main facility for assessment, treatment, and clinical research delivering integrated clinical, research and educational programs focused on psychiatric, neurodevelopmental, and emotional/behavioral needs of children and adolescents. In New Jersey, the Center offers in-person services in Hackensack and virtual telehealth services for the entire state.

What is their involvement with Tourette Syndrome?

In the last year, the Child Study Center has provided service to over 150 children and teens with TS and engaged in pilot clinical research, testing the impact of effective treatments developed for related disorders in persons with TS.  The New Jersey office in Hackensack (Bergen County), also has established specialty training in the understanding of, assessment of, and treatment of TS and Associated Disorders. This program was added to an established psychology externship that provides training for select graduate students from doctoral level clinical and school psychology programs. Three of the programs graduate student externs will now serve youth and families with TS with a variety of clinical activities including assessment, treatment, and school consultations. Externs provide services under the supervision of licensed clinical psychology faculty members, Richard Gallagher, Ph.D., Michelle Miller, Psy.D., and Justin Misurell, Ph.D.

What does this mean for NJCTS and our families?

In short, families will have access to a comprehensive resource within New Jersey that is staffed by advanced graduate students and supervised by multiple faculty members from NYU Langone. These resources and services will be offered to NJCTS families at a substantially reduced fee.

What services will they offer?

  • Initial assessments of psychosocial needs and development of psychosocial treatment plans
  • Utilization of comprehensive behavioral intervention for tics (CBIT) or any of its components including: Habit reversal training; Parent counseling; and School consultation
  • Treatment for associated conditions including: Behavioral parent training; Organizational skills training; Cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety and emotional challenges; and Exposure and response prevention treatment for obsessive-compulsive behaviors
  • Psychological and neuropsychological evaluations
  • School consultations
  • Referrals and coordinating care with medical providers connected to the NYU Langone Center of Excellence including on-site child and adolescent psychiatrists with extensive experience in treating TS and child neurologists at our Manhattan location. Thus, families may experience coordinated medical and psychosocial treatment within the same healthcare system

What else will this collaboration bring?

Excellent healthcare is of utmost importance to NJCTS. But in addition to the wonderful services offered to NJCTS families, NYU Langone’s Child Study Center and NJCTS will work together to provide additional resources in the form of professional education, and family support webinars.

In the end, the number of persons trained to understand TS, to gain direct assessment and treatment experience with TS, and to eventually go into practice or education and research will increase because another setting for training the next generation of mental health professionals will be present at NYU Langone.

How do I make an appointment?

You can call the NJCTS office at 908.575.7350, for more information about services and to be referred to the Child Study Center. Or you can contact the Study Center directly through the website or at 201.465.8111, and let them know you were referred by NJCTS.

Watch the first webinar from Drs. Gallagher and Miller

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