Tolga Taneli, MD, Rutgers Medical School, led a Grand Rounds presentation accompanied by NJCTS Youth Advocate Tess Kowalski at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center.


Creating a Greater Awareness of TS and Associated Disorders Among Medical Practitioners

The objective of the NJCTS Medical Outreach Program is to create a greater awareness of TS and associated disorders among medical practitioners and educate them on the needs of children and families coping with these disorders. This program fosters an understanding of the perspectives, stresses and needs of families living with TS.

All presentations have been adapted to be delivered virtually. 

To schedule a presentation, call us at 908-575-735, or email us at info@njcts.org.

Hospital Grand Rounds

NJCTS offers a unique education program for physicians and medical residents in hospitals and medical centers. During these presentations a TS medical expert shares the podium with a NJCTS youth advocate and together they provide a full introduction to the experience of living with TS. The medical expert provides an overview of the signs and symptoms, characteristics, diagnosis and treatment options for TS. The youth advocate provides a first-hand experience of the challenges of living with these disorders. Together, the presentation allows those in attendance to gain an understanding of the complexity of treating people with TS and the co-occurring disorders. Presentations are typically made in the neurology, family medicine, pediatrics and psychiatry departments.

Physicians Referral List (PRL)

The NJCTS Physician Referral List is comprised of more than 200 neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers who are well versed in treating TS and associated disorders. The list is compiled through recommendations from our families as well as other clinicians. Our referral network is a direct link for families to medical professionals across the state who can address their treatment needs.

Scholarly Research Articles

We inform the medical community about relevant research through a weekly email providing a link to an important research article. These articles relate to TS as well as the co-morbid disorders such as ADHD, OCD, anxiety and depression.

NJCTS Cell and DNA Sharing Repository and TIC Genetics

In partnership with Rutgers University’s RUCDR Infinite Biologics, the NJCTS Cell & DNA Sharing Repository was established in 2007 as a sharing resource of clinical and genetic data. A collaboration with Yale University and other partners helped to develop a set of uniform methods and collection tools to collect subject blood samples and clinical data. The repository became the world’s first sharing resource of clinical data and genetic samples from which qualified scientists could draw for their research.


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