NJCTS is committed to supporting individuals and families affected by Tourette Syndrome (TS) and associated disorders. We provide a continuum of services, support, and education for families; outreach and training for medical and educational professionals; and advocacy for collaborative research for better treatments and a cure for TS.

If you are new to NJCTS, please fill out this intake form and our family intake coordinator will get back to you using your preferred method of communication.

You can also call us at 908.575.7350 or email us at info@njcts.org. If you are calling/emailing outside of normal business hours, please let us know the best time to call you back. A family intake coordinator will get back to you ASAP.

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Here are just some of the ways NJCTS provides help for families:

Physician Referral List

NJCTS’ Physician Referral List is comprised of more than 200 neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and social workers with expertise in treating TS. Our referral is a direct link for families to medical professionals who treat TS, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and depression. Please call us at 908.575.7350.

Q&A: Your Child’s First Doctor’s Visit

Special Education Attorney List

NJCTS has an updated list of lawyers and firms that handle issues with IEPs, IDEA and 504 plans. Please call us at 908.575.7350.


NJCTS’ Wednesday Webinar series was launched in 2008 and today draws an audience from across the country. The series has featured more than 125 online seminars for parents, educators and professionals on topics of interest to the TS and associated disorders community, such as anxiety, OCD, sensory issues, bullying, school accommodations, and much more. View our past webinars. 

Education and Medical Outreach

For more than a decade, NJCTS has developed and offered the Faculty In-Service Program, which is geared toward education professionals in elementary and secondary schools, while Youth Advocate Presentations reach tens of thousands of children and adolescents through activities that emphasize understanding, empathy, compassion, awareness, and growth. Medical Outreach is provided through Patient-Centered Medical Education, a unique presentation in which physicians and residents hear directly from youth and families, and Grand Rounds presentations in which an experienced medical clinician provides an overview of diagnosis and treatment options for TS and tic disorders. Learn more about our Education and Medical Outreach. 

Family Retreat Weekend

Since 2004, NJCTS has welcomed families to enjoy some time away from it all at the NJCTS Family Retreat Weekend, affectionately called “Camp FantasTIC.” The “best weekend of the year” allows children and their families to meet others with TS, learn more about their diagnosis, and engage with peers and mentors in a fun, safe environment. Would you like to join us for the next retreat? 

NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy

Launched in 2014, the NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy is a four-day intensive program that takes place on Busch Campus at Rutgers University. Participants work, play, eat, and sleep at Rutgers and enjoy a wide range of activities aimed at developing self-leadership, advocacy skills, and resilience in teens with TS and its associated disorders.

NJCTS Tourette Syndrome Practicum and Clinic at Rutgers

NJCTS, in collaboration with Rutgers University, presents the nation’s first university-based, stand-alone teaching practicum and clinic for the psychological evaluation and cognitive-behavioral treatment of TS. The program trains a new generation of professionals with interest and expertise in treating TS. The TS Clinic offers individual, family, and group therapy; cognitive-behavioral therapy; habit reversal therapy; social skills development sessions; referrals to physicians and testing services. Learn more about the Tourette Syndrome Practicum and Clinic. (Services are offered on a sliding payment scale.)

The Child Study Center at NYU Langone

NJCTS families have access to a comprehensive resource within New Jersey that is staffed by advanced graduate students and supervised by multiple faculty members from NYU Langone. These resources and services will be offered to NJCTS families at a substantially reduced fee. Learn More.

Resource Room

We have compiled useful documents and links to help you navigate your diagnosis, treatment plan and school services.

NJCTS has compiled a list of helpful books and other publications and videos about TS and its associated disorders.


NJCTS would not be able to provide its myriad programs and services if not for its vibrant, dedicated volunteers! That’s YOU! We are always in need of teens, adults, and families to help spread the word, get some office work done, or help out at an event. If you would like to get involved and give back to an organization that has helped you, your family or friends, please take a moment to contact our office at info@njcts.org or 908-575-7350.

Grey Sky Films has produced a new series of videos to promote the impact NJCTS has had on families. Three families – the Straley’s, the Ordonez-Coronado’s, and the Delaney’s – sat down with us to discuss their journey with Tourette Syndrome and how they found NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome. From the family retreat and other special events to school presentations and advocacy training, NJCTS brings the TS community together and helps them navigate their social, educational, and medical challenges. As young Armani says, NJCTS is his “safe place.”

Learn more about our three families:

The Delaney FamilyThe Straley FamilyThe Ordonez-Coronado Family
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