The following are fictional books, reference books, medical journal articles and movies that NJCTS recommends. Many of these titles we have on hand in our office or we can email to you. If you would like to request a loan one of these titles, or to suggest a book you have found helpful call NJCTS at (908) 575-7350 or e-mail us at info@njcts.org.

Title Author
Adam and the Magic Marble Buehrens
Advances in Neurology No. 58 N/A
Against Medical Advice Patterson, Friedman
An Anthropologist On Mars Sacks
Attention Zone, The Cohen
Brain Injury- Guide for Educators BIANJ Inc.
Brain Injury- Guide for School Nurses BIANJ Inc.
Bullying at School Olweus
CHADD Information Guide For ADHD, The N/A
Challenging Kids, Challenged Teachers Packer, Pruit
Children With TS, A Parents Guide Haerle
Children With TS, A Parents Guide Marsh
Coping With TS and Tic Disorders Moe
Cursing Brain, A Kushner
Cut Back Strasser
Dear Diary, My Sibling Has TS (Brochure) Shimberg
Determined To Win Driscoll, Benge
Don’t Think About Monkeys Seligman, Hilkevich
Echolalia Seligman
Emily’s Tic Fleischman
Explosive Child, The Greene
Gene Bomb Cummings
God Made Me Special Farrell
Helping Your Child Succeed In School Dept. of Education
Hi, I’m Adam Buehrens
I Cant Stop Niner
I like Birthdays…It’s the Parties I’m Not Sure Of Renke
Icy Sparks Rubio
Introducing Sasha Abramofsky Halpern
Kevin and Me Heenan
Kids in the Syndrome Mix Kutscher
Living With TS Shinberg
Long Way From Henry Street, A N/A
Mind Of It’s Own, A Bruun
Motherless Brooklyn Letham
Music in the Midst of Chaos Conklin
Other Kid, The Donlon
Our Wish Nunez
Parents Guide to Learning Disabilities, A N/A
Passing for Normal Wilensky
Patient Who Cured The Therapist, The Siegel, Lowe
Quit It Byalick
Ryan Hughes
Shelly The Hyperactive Turtle Moss
Smile as Big as he Moon, A Kersjes
Snooky Monaghan
Stick Up For Yourself Kaufman
Taking TS  To School Krueger
Teaching Students With TS Hamilton
Teaching The Tiger Dornbush, Pruit
Test of Will, A Smith
Tic Talk – Living With TS Peters
Tic Disorders: Trichotillomania and Other… Woods, Mitenburger
Tics And Tourette’s – Breakthrough Discoveries Rogers
Tourette Syndrome Landau
TS –  Finding Answers and Getting Help Waltz
TS and Human Behavior Comings
TS and OCD Checklist Conners
TS and Tic Disorders Cohen Et. All
TS- What Families Should Know Kimberg
Twitch and Shout Handler
Understanding TS- Handbook for Families TS Org. of Canada
Unwelcome Companion The Fowler
US Soccer Media Guide 2004 N/A
What Makes Ryan Tic Hughes
Why Do You Do That Chowdhury, Robertson
You’ve Got  A Friend Danya International Inc.
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