Private Schools – Understanding Your Child’s Rights

Presenter: Rebecca K. Spar, Esq

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This webinar is for parents, educators and others interest in understanding the rights of children with Tourette Syndrome or other associated disorders who are attending or applying to attend a private school; discussing the different kinds of private schools and applicable laws; deciding when admission practices or policies are discriminatory; in determining whether accommodations or modifications must be offered; in providing special education or related services and the local school district’s role in making these determinations; in responding to bullying, harassment or intimidation by other students or by teachers; and when disciplinary action may violate your child’s rights.


  1. KelleyT says

    Everything you have said sounds intimidating to a working family of modest means. Where would a parent go for guidelines to direct them thru the process to challenge a change in classification or reduction in services short of an attorney?

  2. KelleyT says

    On your discipline slide you mentioned a change in placement. Does that mean they can put my child back in public school where he was not succeeding?

  3. KelleyT says

    I know this is not exactly on your topic of private schools, but it does concern a charter so the situation may be similar. Would you address both situations – My son in middle school wants to play football and is attending an in district charter school. Can he play football or any other sport for that matter with the public school team in his district? His charter does not offer much of a football experience. If the answer is yes, would you know if parents would be responsible for travel to an away game or the purchase of uniforms/equipment?

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