Holiday Stress: Coping Skills for Parents and Kids

Dr. Michael Osit, LPPresenter: Dr. Michael Osit, LP
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Dr. Osit discussed helping parents identify signs of stress in themselves and their children, causes of stress, and ways to prevent and manage Holiday related stress.


  1. NJCTS says:

    I am always after my kids to say thank you for their holiday gifts. It seems that kids today are so “in the moment” and once the gift is opened they have moved on. Any suggestions to help with what is a source of stress for me to have my kids properly acknowledge their gifts.

    • DrOsit says:

      You don’t mention the ages of your children, but kids need to learn manners at any age. You need to prep them prior to receiving gifts from people by not only reminding them to say “thank you” but to explain how the gift giver needs to feel. That is, it is important that you say something positive about the gift (and you can give them some generic examples) so that the person feels good about giving the gift. Being sensitive and aware of how others feel is not only an important “gift” you can give your kids, but it also gives more meaning than just saying “thank you.”

  2. NJCTS says:

    Would you address what I see is an imbalance between 2 sets of grandparents in their respective gift giving practices. How would you suggest handling that without offending either side.

    • DrOsit says:

      You don’t indicate with whom you want to handle the imbalance of gift giving. With the grandparents or with your children? If you are thinking of addressing it with the grandparents, I don’t think that is a good idea. It may be a financial issue and that is likely an uncomfortable topic. If it is not financial, but a matter of taste, you can suggest gifts ahead of time, or, have them ask the grandchildren what they would like as a gift. Regarding your children, you need to emphasize the meaning of giving and receiving gifts as opposed to the quality or attractiveness of the gift.

  3. NJCTS says:

    Gift giving is always stressful for me and my husband. I always know what to get him but he doesn’t seem to know what makes me happy. How do I deal with this?

    • DrOsit says:

      Your husband’s gift choice may not be a function of how much he loves you or even pays attention to you. Some people have a great knack for getting others the perfect gift and some people just don’t. I suggest you look at the whole picture in terms of how he is, or is not, making you happy. Regarding the gift, you may need to accept the fact that he is just not that adept at it and give him suggestions.