Cognitive, Executive, Emotional, and Behavioral Interventions for students. Designing interventions that work!

Presenter: Dr. Sarah Allen

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Designing interventions in a classroom can be tricky. A whole-child centered approach is needed to improve children’s functioning, build skills, and develop strategies to promote learning and independence. This lecture will review the essential systems for learning including cognitive, executive, emotional, and behavioral aspects of students’ functioning. Participants will also learn how to approach designing interventions as well as understand specific strategies that work in classrooms.

Sarah Levin Allen, PhD, CBIS is the Executive Director of Neuropsychology at Brain Behavior Bridge and an adjunct faculty member at Drexel University. Dr. Allen is also a consulting Neuropsychologist for Weisman Children’s Hospital. Dr. Allen consults for districts all over the state of New Jersey regarding brain based program designs for public and private schools.



  1. Neil D says

    Please explain how the emotional system compensation would work in a typical classroom. If the student were to leave the room, I assume it would be to go to the nurses office? What would the child expect to do there – I would not want it to feel like a punishment.

  2. Sara H says

    Can you explain how test anxiety fits into the learning systems model you described?

  3. Linda S says

    I’m confused about how reading and executive skills fit together. How can I tell if my child has trouble with reading comprehension or if it’s something else?

  4. Joan D says

    You spoke about stability in the emotional system – please explain more about how to recognize that it is lacking and how would a parent stabilize it.

  5. Gerri T says

    What does natural cueing mean and how do you do it?

  6. Roger R says

    I’m on this webinar on behalf of my 11 year old grandson with TS. You used a term I was not familiar with “Motivator”. Is that some technology we should buy or method of doing something? Please clarify.

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