Where Are They Now? – Sara Deuidicibus

My name is Sara Deuidicibus and I received a scholarship from NJCTS my senior year of high school to help fund my college studies. I am finishing my final semester as an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student at Stevens Institute of Technology. I also will be receiving a Graduate Certificate in Design and Production Management. Upon graduation, starting in July, I will start my career as a Project Engineer at Patti & Anthes Consulting Engineers in NYC. During my time at college, I have contributed many articles to the student newspaper and have been serving as President of the Poetry Club since my sophomore year. In August of 2023, I self-published my first poetry book “Ends on the Positive Ones” on Amazon. Besides writing, I also enjoy going on long walks, exercising, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family.

I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome (TS) when I was eight and struggled with debilitating vocal and motor tics. For instance, I would shake my head until I felt sick, but couldn’t stop, as well as uncomfortably make repetitive noises and clear my throat. They were so bad at times that it became hard to pay attention in school or even leave my room. Fortunately, with the love and support of my family and therapist, I learned how to embrace my TS and eagerly taught others about the condition. As I aged, the tics gradually improved, and now come about periodically when I am particularly tired or stressed or think about tics. Despite my challenging start with the disorder, my TS has helped me confidently grow into all aspects of myself. I truly believe that my determination and resilience stem from my experiences living with TS.

NJCTS impacted my life greatly by helping me better financially pursue my college degree. The support reminded me of how far I have come with understanding how myself and others live with TS, and I am beyond grateful and honored to be connected to so many inspiring people through NJCTS. I look forward to seeing the future endeavors of other members in our community, as I know we are off doing amazing things! 

To celebrate 20 years of NJCTS we will be showcasing 20 stories of adults with TS who were once involved in the organization and now all grown up! Stay tuned as we share all of these incredible and successful stories!