Wednesday Webinars: “Food Choices” resonates with many participants; medication for tics/TS up next

Viewers nationwide enjoyed Stephanie Goodman’s perspective on eating healthy; the next New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome webinar is scheduled for May 8.

Stephanie Goodman, the founder of Progressive Nutrition Solutions, LLC in Princeton and a Certified Nutritional Consultant, provided tips on the best foods to give children – and the ones to avoid – so they can optimize their potential in the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders’ (NJCTS) first Wednesday Webinar of 2013 on February 27.

“Food Choices: How Do They Affect Our Performance” addressed the conflicting information available about nutrition – specifically as it pertains to children with Tourette Syndrome, autism, ADHD and gastrointestinal disorders – and stressed how incorporating healthy diets and lifestyles can have a profound impact on one’s life. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive:

“Thank you for asking questions pertaining specifically to TS. I, like a good percentage of other TS parents, have a good knowledge already of diet and nutrition. But what we need to know is specifics about how it affects TS. So kudos for asking for the speaker to speak to TS more specifically. Thank you!” – Christa from Virginia

“I have been to many nutritionists looking for answers to many of these issues, and not one of them could carry on a conversation like this. I almost lost hope until tonight, but now it makes sense and I am ready to fight again. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. The presentation was well prepared and presented.” – Elizabeth from California

“I will attempt to construct a list of specific foods to see if it has an effect on my son’s tics and ADD. This was my first NJCTS webinar. I look forward to future events. Thank you.” – Krista from New Jersey Collaborative Partnerships for the Tourette Syndrome Community

NJCTS’ next webinar – “Medication Management for Tics and Tourette Syndrome” – is scheduled for May 8. Dr. Mark Mintz will explain the biological rationale for using medications for tics and TS, the various types of drugs that have shown to be beneficial, and discuss the risks and benefits of medication therapies. This webinar is for professionals, therapists and persons and their families dealing with Tourette and associated disorders such as OCD, ADHD, anxiety and depression. The Wednesday Webinar series, which draws an audience from 48 states and 13 countries, was launched in 2008. The series, offered at no cost to participants, features online seminars for parents, educators and professionals on topics of interest to the TS and associated disorders community. Professional development credits are given upon verification of attendance and completion of an exit survey. Credits are distributed by mail one week after the webinar.

To register for the May 8 webinar, or to view and download the February 27 and other past NJCTS webinars, please visit www.njcts.org/witsd-seminar-sign-up.php