NJCTS seeking nominations for its 2012 “Angels” list

This collection of volunteers, partner organizations and other noteworthy individuals and entities is featured on the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome website


Webster’s Dictionary lists many definitions for the word “angel,” among them being someone who “aids or supports with money or influence.” The New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders (NJCTS) has been fortunate to be the beneficiary of often unrecognized work by many “angels” over the years.

In 2011, scores of volunteers, organizations and other individuals and entities partnered with NJCTS to help the Center deliver its many programs, events and forms of TS advocacy. Their gracious assistance and donations of time and money have enabled the Center to serve the New Jersey TS community at levels of excellence not seen anywhere else in the nation.

Such individuals and organizations are recognized by name and achievement on our website at www.njcts.org/njcts-angels.php. The 2011 list continues to grow, and the 2012 collection is currently being constructed. If you know of someone who deserves to be a 2012 Angel, or if a 2011 Angel has not been properly acknowledged, please let us know by calling 908-575-7350 or by sending an e-mail with NJCTS Angels in the subject line to info@njcts.org.

Nominations for 2012 Angels will be accepted throughout the year. There is no deadline. So please take the time to honor someone who has contributed to the mission of not only NJCTS, but the Tourette Syndrome community as a whole. Nominations should include an Angels’ name, hometown and 2-3 sentences describing their connection of service to NJCTS.


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