NJCTS Education Outreach Coordinator Gina Maria Jones, M.Ed, led a presentation to more than 150 Newton school district faculty and staff at Newton High School.


Faculty In-Service Presentations

For more than a decade, NJCTS has developed and offered the Faculty In-Service Program, which is geared toward education professionals in elementary and secondary schools across New Jersey and provides information about Tourette Syndrome (TS) and associated disorders. These in-service presentations promote a more positive, inclusive, and successful classroom environment for students with these disorders, and are conducted by education or medical professionals. They can accommodate 25 people or more, run approximately 60-90 minutes, and are valuable to all faculty regardless of whether a student with TS is present in the classroom.

Peer Presentations

NJCTS also offers a Peer Presentation, which is geared toward students in the classroom or to the entire school population and led by an education professional. These in-service presentations promote a more positive, inclusive and successful classroom environment for students with these disorders. Peer Presentations are often arranged in conjunction with a Faculty In-service Presentation.

Youth Advocate Presentations

The Youth Advocate Program has reached tens of thousands of children and teens in schools throughout the state through a variety of activities that emphasize understanding, empathy, compassion, awareness, and growth. Youth Advocates are 13-18 years old and either have a diagnosis of TS or live with a sibling or family member with TS. Youth Advocate Presentations review the implications of a TS diagnosis and provide strategies for interacting positively with an individual who has TS. They can accommodate an audience of any size, run approximately 40 minutes, and contain a strong anti-bullying message that promotes acceptance, tolerance, and self-advocacy. They cover the Six Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.

To schedule a presentation or for information on upcoming presentations, visit our calendar, call us at 908-575-7350, or email us at info@njcts.org.

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