Virtual TS Teen Summit

Inviting all teens ages 14 to 19 diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome to the second virtual Global TS Teen Summit

January 16
10am to 2pm

Welcome and Session 1: Navigating the Ups & Downs of COVID 19 & TS
We are all navigating our way through COVID 19 but it can be even more challenging for those living with Tourette Syndrome. Graduations and special events cancelled, remote learning hurdles, and increased stress and anxiety are a few of the bumps in the road. During this panel discussion, you will hear first-hand from NJCTS youth advocates how they are coping with this health crisis and what advice they have to offer.

Session 2: Advocating for the Best in Your Relationships
Relationships are important and knowing how to advocate for yourself in a relationship is even more important. You are your own best advocate and how you champion for your own needs and wants can make you a stronger advocate. Whether at home, school or in a personal relationship you can be successful in making long-lasting friendships and partnerships. Join this discussion with our panelist of young adults as they share their personal experiences in developing relationships.

Session 3: Speaker Britney Wolf
Join YouTuber and TS Advocate Britney Wolf for a session that is sure to set you in high gear ready to take charge, set goals and breakthrough barriers in 2021.  Then, wrap it up with a very special teen social event with your peers from around the globe!