Straight Talk: Mental Health & Addiction


Living with a mental health condition has many challenges but when you also have a substance use disorder there are even greater hurdles to overcome. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), individuals with mental health disorders use various substances 26.7% of the time compared to 13.2% of the general public without mental health disorders. Understanding how addiction and mental health coincide with each other is important in learning what you can do to get treatment or help for a loved one.

Join us for this important candid discussion on mental health and addiction.
Meg Isbitski, Licensed Social Worker and Disaster Response Crisis Counselor is the Assistant Mental Health Administrator for Somerset County Department of Human Services. In her role, she monitors the provision of community mental health services on behalf of Somerset residents, oversees the advisory Mental Health Board and Professional Advisory Committee, provides opportunities for community education and awareness, including the Stigma Free Somerset County initiative, and advocates for clients and service provides within the continuum of care.