Family Support Group: Stop Making That Noise! A Discussion of Misophonia 

Presented by Dr. Marla Deibler

Stop Making That Noise! A Discussion of Misophonia
April 22, 2021 at 3 p.m.

Misophonia is characterized by a sensitivity to specific sounds that elicits physical and emotional distress (e.g., a sudden feeling of disgust at the sound of someone chewing; an overwhelming feeling of anger triggered by the sound of a pen repeatedly clicking). This intense reactivity may lead to avoidance behaviors and other negative impacts on daily functioning. Although the examination of misophonia is an emerging field, recent studies suggest that it may be more common in individuals with OCD and Tourette’s Disorder and that these disorders may share a heightened sensory over-responsivity and underlying neural pathology. This discussion will examine what is known (and not known) about misophonia to date and explore current treatment options to increase distress tolerance, reduce avoidance behaviors, and improve daily functioning.

Marla Deibler, PsyD is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Executive Director of The Center for Emotional Health of Greater Philadelphia, specializing in the evidence-based treatment of anxiety disorders and OCD and related disorders. Dr. Deibler serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of the TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors and on the Faculty of TLC’s Professional Training Institute. She serves as President of the Board of Directors of OCDNJ, the NJ affiliate of the International OCD Foundation, Consultant for the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome and Associated Disorders, and Visiting Clinical Supervisor at the Rutgers University Psychological Services Clinic.​


  • April 22, 2021
  • 3:00 pm