Disabilities and Employee Rights: What You Need to Know

Virtual support group and discussion with Keya Denner

Having a disability should not hamper one’s  aspirations for a successful career. Understanding  and knowing your rights in the workplace can increase your ability to perform at work. When should you ask for reasonable accommodations? When should you disclose your disability?  These questions and more will be covered during this important discussion.

Join the conversation on having a disability in the workplace and become your own best advocate.


Keya Denner is an experienced management-side litigator and a trusted counselor and resource for companies throughout the country. Keya’s primary goal is to help his clients avoid litigation through sound company policies and counsel them in fine tuning those policies as laws evolve. He frequently provides dynamic and interactive training for his clients’ executives, HR managers, frontline managers, and employees on topics like harassment awareness and prevention, the impact of the #metoo movement on business operations, and best workplace practices for managers and supervisors. Mr. Denner is the host of the Somerset County Business Partnership’s monthly Human Resources Roundtable, and co-Chair of the Somerset County Bar Association’s Labor and Employment Committee.