Ask The GreaTS Live Chat

Join us for our first Ask The GreaTS session where we will begin to discuss how to tell your friends, family, teachers, co-workers, and others about your Tourette diagnosis.

Not sure how to disclose your TS to others? Eager to hear tips and stories from seasoned TS advocates? On Wednesday, May 24, at 7:30pm (EDT), NJCTS will host the first “Ask The GreaTS” session. In the video chat, a group of panelists will share their experiences disclosing their TS to friends, teachers, strangers, and others. Before and during the chat, participants can submit questions for the panelists to answer. The first session will focus on self-disclosure, but future sessions will explore topics ranging from coping mechanisms to dealing with TS in school, college, and the workplace. “Ask The GreaTS” sessions will be held every other month, with panelists sharing personal experiences and tips, while answering questions submitted by viewers worldwide. Register today for the first session!

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