NJCTS Advocates Have a Message About Bullying

October is Bullying Prevention Month and throughout the state, NJCTS will be conducting Youth Advocate workshops, school and community presentations, in-services, and webinars with the theme of acceptance for all.

Our Youth Advocate Program trains teens with TS to lead presentations to students and community groups about TS and associated disorders. These presentations, which reach thousands of NJ students each year, contain a strong anti-bullying message that promotes acceptance, tolerance, and self-advocacy.

Tourette Syndrome is a highly visible disorder, yet very misunderstood. Unlike some other neurological conditions, the movements and sounds made by individuals with TS make them a prime target for stares and rude comments. They often become victims of physical attacks, discrimination, and are ostracized. Teens and adults have reported that TS has interfered with forming meaningful friendships and relationships. The bullying only exacerbates the need for social isolation and the thoughts of self-harm and suicide.

Your support helps us reach more students, more groups, and more families that need assistance. Through education, awareness and advocacy NJCTS works to combat bullying and create a community of acceptance for our children.

Please view this very special video created by our NJCTS Youth Advocates!