Don’t be afraid to try other things to help your kids

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, so I checked out what you all are interested in most. Turns out I get the most clicks for: Supplements Acupuncture — does it work? Dr. Sims and Dr. Stacks — dentists… Continue Reading


My little lazy ticcer

A quick check-in to say all is status quo around these here parts. Stink is tired of the acupuncture — says he’s bored of lying on the table when all he can do is think about Mario, Pokemon and create… Continue Reading


How TS translates in acupuncture terms

Tics seem to be up for a lot of folk I know — including my own kid. More vocals — this time kind of a high-pitched squeak. Not really loud, but it is punctuating his sentences big time. The other… Continue Reading


Why I won’t give out formula info

Hi guys. Some of you have commented or written to me that you want the same formulas Martina, Stink’s acupuncturist, is using on Stink. The reason I’m not giving them out is because these particular formulas are based on Stink’s… Continue Reading


Are you ticked off by negative comments?

My last post about my tic resolutions (what I can change, what I can’t, and having wisdom to know the difference) generated quite a bit of buzz here. While many people 100 percent got my point of view, I got… Continue Reading


Happy New Year! Tic resolutions?

Keeping this short as I’m at work. (Unless you’re my boss reading, in which case I am diligently coming up with 75 Examiner Headlines.) How was your Christmas? How are the tics? How are you dealing with them? One dear… Continue Reading


Acupuncture to the rescue: Tics reduced!

Keeping this short as I’m at work, but had to say that Stink is seeing relief already from one treatment of acupuncture last week. I am so relieved. Energy down, vocals almost gone, still major eye rolling and head shakes/head… Continue Reading


Tourette research helps families, but we need more of it!

Awareness. Acceptance. Action. Advocacy. All needed when it comes to informing people about Tourette Syndrome at the national, regional, state and local level. Our Facebook page (give us a “like”! ) is dedicated toward these very things, especially when it… Continue Reading


‘Ben’ proves Tourette is more than just Tourette … it’s the other conditions, too

Our journey with TS started when Ben was very young.  I’m not sure that I can give an accurate account of his TS without explaining the other conditions that seem to be part and parcel of his TS. It is… Continue Reading