From 6 to TS to 12 in the blink of an eye

Um, Stink is 12 now. I mean, really, how is this possible? He’s gone from a short-haired, Scooby Doo obsessed 6-year-old to a shaggy haired, book reading, computer playing, comic writing tween. I mean, that’s insane. Didn’t I just write… Continue Reading


A New Year, part 3: Becoming a bossy pants

2014 was a year in which I think I’ve begun to learn just a bit more about balance. The workaholic OCD tendencies that run around in my head, demanding I write more, blog more, and work harder have been a… Continue Reading


A New Year, part 2: Why the obsession with perfection is dangerous

Let me start by saying that while many of OCD’s intrusive thoughts can be of other natures, today we’re focusing on the ones that push us to perfection, the ones that nag and tell us we’ll never be good enough… Continue Reading


A New Year, part 1: My OCD will work for me

Success can drive us toward a great goal or it can act as a cruel task master. Unfortunately, for those on the OCD spectrum, it tends to lean more toward the cruel task master. And it doesn’t have to apply to all… Continue Reading


NJCTS executive director receives joint resolution from NJ Senate & Assembly after winning award

The New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders (NJCTS) is pleased to announce that NJCTS Executive Director Faith W. Rice was one of seven professionals honored by MDAdvantage on May 7 for her work in establishing the nation’s first Center… Continue Reading


Happy New Year! Tic resolutions?

Keeping this short as I’m at work. (Unless you’re my boss reading, in which case I am diligently coming up with 75 Examiner Headlines.) How was your Christmas? How are the tics? How are you dealing with them? One dear… Continue Reading



My goal for the new year is to encourage more people to actively promote Tourette awareness. It’s easy to look around for someone else to do the big awareness projects, but awareness doesn’t need to be big projects. If we… Continue Reading


Tic with joy

One of my resolutions this year is to write more, both at this blog to support other moms and for my career. With that in mind, I reached out to my local papers with a pitch I had. They both… Continue Reading


A work in progress

Part of my New Year’s Resolution is that I am not going to be such a pushover in regards to the boy. Sometimes, it is easier to give in to him, and it is such a fine line to pull… Continue Reading


Peace in the process & joy in the journey

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to make some changes. For some people, it’s to lose 10 pounds. For others, it’s to get a great job. I’m no mind reader, but I’m guessing that for many of you… Continue Reading