Why I won’t give out formula info

Hi guys. Some of you have commented or written to me that you want the same formulas Martina, Stink’s acupuncturist, is using on Stink. The reason I’m not giving them out is because these particular formulas are based on Stink’s particular make-up:

  • The color of his tongue (his is bright red which apparently means big liver issues — all the food? I don’t know)
  • His temperature
  • His “wind” — whether he has hot or cold energy
  • His particular issues — for him, lingering head shakes. The vocals are GONE

I am NOT PUSHING you call Martina for a consultation, but I CAN tell you that she will help guide you toward someone who can help your son or daughter get their particular needs met.

Full Disclosure: Despite all of Martina’s amazing acupuncture, my son has major head shakes still. Martina thinks it’s because he had a bunch of gluten, and perhaps the time spent on the computer. I don’t know. I am a bit disappointed, but she is really sure she will knock it down at some point. I KNOW I’m not willing to take him off of electronics and everything he loves so that I can feel better. We’ll just have to wait and see. :)

Questions for Martina, the Acupuncturist?

What are they? Leave a message and I will have her answer them within 3 days, via the comment section or a post.

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