Acupuncture to the rescue: Tics reduced!

Keeping this short as I’m at work, but had to say that Stink is seeing relief already from one treatment of acupuncture last week. I am so relieved. Energy down, vocals almost gone, still major eye rolling and head shakes/head butts, but Martina says it’ll take a week or so to really get suckers subdued.

I’m lucky as my acupuncturist, the incredibly talented Martina Eberhard, happens to live across the street from me. She practices out her house. A few years back, she had come up with a treatment plan and supplements that she was convinced would really give Stink 90 percent relief.

We ended up not seeing her plan to fruition because of cost, as well as a major tic reduction just with the 20 percent of the plan she implemented. (Sadly, this is akin to a bipolar person going off their meds because they “feel so much better” suddenly. Not smart, but it happens.)

As fate would have it, just when I started to lose my brain with tics, Martina mentioned that she saw this article on a teen Miss America who had severe TS and was “cured” through acupuncture. The formulas and treatment used on her were the same as Martina came up with two years ago, inspiring her even more to work on Stink again!

And so, with my heart in my hands, tears in my eyes, I said “yes.” Expense is an issue as our revenue went down 75 percent recently, despite me going back to work. (My hubby was Daddy Warbucks, not his eccentric artist wife. Shock!) Where there’s a will, however, there’s a way, and we found a trade that would work for everyone.

As luck would have it, her daughter is the one and only, Miss L! After I pick up the three kids from school and give them snacks, I tote Stink across the street for treatment while the girls and I do homework. Rex is doing a ton of house work for her, including hanging her Christmas lights, fixing her car, doing yard work, fixing her dinner twice a week and whatever else she has on her “honey do” list as a busy single mama. I am going to start writing articles again.

I tell you all this because where there is a will there’s a way!

The other night we had an impromptu BBQ in the back yard. My sweet hubby cooked for us all, including Miss L and Martina. Connection and friendship out trump tics every time.

acu 2I’ll keep you posted! Meanwhile, is something working for you?

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  1. I’m wondering if you are still using the acupuncture? My grandson is 12 and was diagnosed 2 years ago, along with the body jerks, knee popping he has become very verbal! My husband and I found this article last night and would appreciate your thoughts

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