9 ways a Naturopath can help with tics and Tourette

Today I took Stink back to Dr. Carroll. It had been more than 3 years. Instead of fitting halfway on his exam table, Stink took up the entire table, his size 8 mens Nike’s hanging dangling off the edge. As… Continue Reading


FantasTIC Friday No. 1: Tic, tic, tic … BOOM!

For myself, as much as to benefit others who might be looking for tic reduction, I am dedicating Fridays to all things FantasTIC about TS. This is included, but not limited to: Stink’s tics My emotional journey My book My… Continue Reading


Don’t be afraid to try other things to help your kids

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, so I checked out what you all are interested in most. Turns out I get the most clicks for: Supplements Acupuncture — does it work? Dr. Sims and Dr. Stacks — dentists… Continue Reading


Skating in circles, not getting dizzy

Sunday after church we took the kids ice skating. For those of you who live in beautiful wintry wonderlands, picture a frozen pond surrounded by snow capped trees and cardinals. For those living in the city, like us, picture a… Continue Reading


Updated supplement list

Many of you have asked about Stink’s Supplement List. I have written several posts in the past about it here. But here is an update. Please note: This is what works for Stink, but might not work for you. TS… Continue Reading


Replace fear with faith

I speak to so many of you worried mamas offline. I was once like you — scared about the future, dreaming of fearful “what-if” scenarios, wondering if my kid jumped up and down in excitement over a surprise Disneyland trip… Continue Reading


What are you looking for in a Tourette Syndrome blog?

Greetings from Los Angeles. As of today, tics for Stink remain at a minimum. (Knock on fake wood desk.) I need to make a few gluten-free sandwiches with natural strawberry jelly and carrot sticks (can you feel my son’s excitement?)… Continue Reading


Happy Holidays! Care for your kid your way

It’s four days before Christmas. My mom broke her hip, so we’re not doing the holidays at her house this year. Instead, we’ll have our normal Christmas Eve tradition here, as well as a few merry surprises for the kids,… Continue Reading


5 things that can help with tics

When my son was first diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at 4, I didn’t want to put him directly on meds. His tics were mild and simply didn’t warrant them. I was open to the idea of drugs should his symptoms… Continue Reading