Are you ticked off by negative comments?

My last post about my tic resolutions (what I can change, what I can’t, and having wisdom to know the difference) generated quite a bit of buzz here. While many people 100 percent got my point of view, I got a couple pretty negative comments. I had a few reactions:

  1. Wow, cool! I’m finally pissing people off! People are reading!
  2. Ouch, ick. That stung. Poor me. Let me go cry to my friends on my “Twitch and Bitch” forum.
  3. Logical schmodgical: What if I really am offensive?

No. 3 stuck to me for a variety of reasons. Let’s go back to the list, shall we?

  1. I’m not writing this blog just for me. I’m writing it for others. It’s my duty, as an “educator” to be sure I am communicating effectively.
  2. There’s a fine line between being a narcissist and being writing compelling, memoir-driven articles.
  3. Most interesting realization of all: Insecure people, even among friends and family, will often point to people they know as being narcissistic because of their preconceived views of who that person is and should be within the framework of their very own insecure lives. People have a much easier time extolling the virtues of “other” writers who already have stamps of approval.
  4. Referring to No. 3, once my book goes, said haters and cynics will suddenly tout me as being right all along. Yeah me!
  5. As a Christian, I would be nothing more than a hypocrite to push any of this in their face, or respond to negativity with like. I must love them as Christ loves me, and if I can’t, enter Christ. For those in the No. 3 camp, this No. 5 statement makes me not only a narcissist but a self-righteous one at that.
  6. This leaves me with No. 6: “If God is for me, who could be against me?’ Romans 8:31

I don’t just tout No. 6 as a fun inspirational flag waving attempting to accept tics mama. I feel it. I care about people, but if people don’t like me, I don’t really care. It’s lovely living there! Come join me if you haven’t bought property there. The neighbors are friendly and the wine is fabulous! (Being good on the wine, relax.)

Acupuncture Update: In closing, Stink’s vocals are still gone. He was complaining of loose stools from the supplements he was on, so we backed it in half. Unfortunately, his head shakes came back full force. That’s the bad news. The good news: Martina, his acupuncturist, believes he just needs to adjust to it slowly and the tics will go back down.

Martina Does Acupuncture Phone Consultations: Want a consultation on how to find an acupuncturist for your child in your area? Martina is available for phone consultations. She charges $30/half hour, $45/hour. She’s versed in nutrition and supplements and can lead you in the right direction. Look soon for a new video of her treating Stink!

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