Beyond the diagnosis

I will be syndicating the posts from my blog, Tics & Tats, here on TSParentsOnline. If you want to know more about me and my connection to Tourette Syndrome, just click on my name for my bio! Or visit Tics… Continue Reading


RAGE!!! Part 3: Talk about rage

Ken Shyminsky, a former vice president of the Greater Toronto Chapter of the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada, draws upon his personal experiences as an teacher and student with Tourette Syndrome to help children with TS and related disorders. He also has… Continue Reading


Happy New Year! Tic resolutions?

Keeping this short as I’m at work. (Unless you’re my boss reading, in which case I am diligently coming up with 75 Examiner Headlines.) How was your Christmas? How are the tics? How are you dealing with them? One dear… Continue Reading


Tics, faith and Believe.com

Are you thankful for tics this Thanksgiving season? You’re not? When my son was first diagnosed, I wasn’t either. But today, from a place of experience and growth, I am happy for the character building that has come from this… Continue Reading


Newbie here, with the story of my son

I am new to blogging, but I came across this site, and I thought maybe I had something to contribute! My son Evan was diagnosed at age 6 in the first grade with TS. He had always had this little… Continue Reading


Replace fear with faith

I speak to so many of you worried mamas offline. I was once like you — scared about the future, dreaming of fearful “what-if” scenarios, wondering if my kid jumped up and down in excitement over a surprise Disneyland trip… Continue Reading


Deep Brain Stimulation – Update on Matovic! (From my “Ticked” review)

A quick update to say that I heard from the wife of Jim Matovic — the man who had revolutionary Deep Brain Stimulation for his severe tics. My review of his book, written with Jim Fussell, is here. She wrote… Continue Reading


10 ways to get your kid to work around the house

If you read my post on Friday about child behavior being in the eye of the beholder, you’d know that I promised to give you 10 ways to get your kid to work around the house. Well, I’m a woman… Continue Reading