Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month is finally here!

Tourette’s Syndrome Awareness month is finally here!! Today Kane and I will be speaking with his class! Also, so many amazing supporters in our community as well as surrounding communities will be wearing teal to show their support for Kane… Continue Reading


A blessing of a T-shirt for TS Awareness Month!

Kane is finally starting to come out of his shell and feel comfortable in his own skin. I have watched him grow and blossom over the past year, and I am so proud! He has become more vocal in school,… Continue Reading


Kane is a TS superhero!

This is Kane! Kane is 10 years old from Murray Iowa. Kane is a loving child who enjoys helping other people! Kane and I have had quite the journey together! I was only 18 when I gave birth to this… Continue Reading


The OCD of germs

Kane has a way of remembering every detail of every situation, good or bad. This affects him within his life, day in and day out. For instance, this morning he told me he was cold so I reminded him there… Continue Reading


Self-control is very difficult with Impulse Control Disorder

There are things my son says and does that are out of his control. I only wish more people would be understanding of this, especially people that he is around almost daily. Not only is he living with Tourette Syndrome,… Continue Reading


Fighting fear

I took Kane and Kenzi to a carnival last night at the school where his father and I graduated from. Kane was excited all day to go. When we got there and he saw the amount of people, he began… Continue Reading


Acceptance is a wonderful thing

Kane is very good at controlling his tics to a certain extent at school. When he gets home, he is exhausted and sometimes grumpy. There are times that he is unable to control them. Thankfully, he has a wonderful teacher… Continue Reading


Ask questions … don’t be ignorant

As a mother of a child with Tourette’s Syndrome, I find myself asked questions a lot about Kane, his tics and methods that we use to help him. I love helping people to better understand Tourette’s; however, there is always… Continue Reading


Answering your questions

I have received some messages filled with questions! I appreciate all the questions and the supportive messages sent on Kane’s behalf! I was recently asked, what is it like to live with a child who has high anxiety? Well just… Continue Reading


Tics are better post-Christmas

Kane’s tics have been a lot better since we have gotten over the excitement of Christmas! He has been busy playing with all of his new things! He is into MineCraft big time right now and loves spending his time… Continue Reading