Kane is a TS superhero!

This is Kane! Kane is 10 years old from Murray Iowa. Kane is a loving child who enjoys helping other people! Kane and I have had quite the journey together! I was only 18 when I gave birth to this amazing young man! God blessed me with such an amazing son!

He was diagnosed with Tourette when he was 7 years old, after we noticed he was making movements and noises that were out of his control. He has vocal and muscular tics. Kane also lives with OCD, generalized anxiety, social anxiety and Impulse control disorder. Fortunately we live in a small town filled with supporters! Kane has a wonderful small class at Murray schools and his teachers allow us to celebrate Tourette Syndrome Awareness month by bringing in ribbons and snacks! Kane is able to teach his peers the ends and outs of Tourette! Kane has reached a major milestone this year!!

For the past couple years, he had been seeing a psychologist, biweekely. As of January of this year, he is no longer needing therapy!! He is a spontaneous little boy who enjoys riding his four wheeler and bicycle with his little sister! He will be participating in baseball this summer! His family and I are so proud to call him our superhero!

You can follow Kane’s story on his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/awarenessforkane

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