Tics are better post-Christmas

Kane’s tics have been a lot better since we have gotten over the excitement of Christmas! He has been busy playing with all of his new things! He is into MineCraft big time right now and loves spending his time reading about it and learning more on how to build and construct things inside his world.

He has been using these buildings that he builds to help ‘control’ and ‘focus’ on controlling his rage and his tics. He uses the focus point of “GlowStone Castle” as his happy place to go when he is feeling upset. This has helped with him so much.

Sometimes he goes in my bed, gets under the covers and calms himself down while creating the world inside of his mind. Some may think this is silly, but for Kane it works great! Especially for those days when the anxiety attacks are happening a lot!

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  1. Anyone who thinks it’s silly can try being Kane for a day. I think it’s fantastic that he is learning a way to help him calm down and stop tics! Way to go buddy!!!

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