Ask questions … don’t be ignorant

As a mother of a child with Tourette’s Syndrome, I find myself asked questions a lot about Kane, his tics and methods that we use to help him. I love helping people to better understand Tourette’s; however, there is always someone who tries to disprove TS or to try and weigh in an opinion when they have not done their research.

Today, I was faced with this. I have been Kane’s mother for 10 years — I know this child better than anyone else in his life. I know what tics he has, how he acts when he is having a rough day and when he is being a total stink pot. To be approached by someone who tries to make me feel less educated than they are and throw out words they do not even understand about a disorder they know nothing about, really gets under my skin.

If you are not sure about the syndrome, ask questions, I would love to answer them the best I can. After all, I have done many hours of research, lived with an individual who is affected by TS and been to many sessions with my child. Please, don’t be rude! :)

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