The OCD of germs

Kane has a way of remembering every detail of every situation, good or bad. This affects him within his life, day in and day out. For instance, this morning he told me he was cold so I reminded him there was a blanket on the back of his chair. He would not use it because Kenzi sneezed while using it last week. I told him I had washed it after that and it was fine; nope, not going to use it!

Yesterday, we were outside. He asked if I would please get him a drink since he was on the trampoline. He would not use the cup I brought him because a long time ago his cousin drank from it and she was sick. I explained it had been washed several times and it was fine; nope, wouldn’t use it!

He remembers if anything at one time has been “unsanitized,” according to his mind; therefore, will not use them. I try not to get aggravated because I don’t know how he feels, or what is going on inside his mind. At times I find myself having to take a deep breath! 

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