Answering your questions

I have received some messages filled with questions! I appreciate all the questions and the supportive messages sent on Kane’s behalf!

I was recently asked, what is it like to live with a child who has high anxiety? Well just like anyone else, the attitudes will differ depending on the day. We monitor everything that Kane watches; we found out recently that if he watches something that may be a little scary, it has to be in the morning if at all (Like Goosebumps).

Neither of my children are allowed to watch any movies that are not an appropriate rating for their age groups. When Kane does watch something that is a little scary for him, it will usually send him into a anxiety attack before bed, when his mind is racing and thinking of everything he had done that day. Sometimes the anxiety attacks are every night and sometimes they are gone for days. It all depends on Kane and the amount of stress him mind is under.

Another question that was asked is: How often does Kane have tics and when do they seem worse for him?

Kane has tics everyday, there is not a single day that he does not have a tic. Some days will be better and of course some will be worse. Kane went through a tic a couple weeks ago where he was holding his breath and sucking in his stomach at the same time. This would happen 20-30 times a day, resulting in his stomach muscles hurting. This particular tic has slowed down and now he only does it maybe 3-5 times a day.

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