My little lazy ticcer

A quick check-in to say all is status quo around these here parts. Stink is tired of the acupuncture — says he’s bored of lying on the table when all he can do is think about Mario, Pokemon and create… Continue Reading


Ask Dr. Ticcy: What about relaxation techniques?

Dr. Ticcy is a pseudonym for the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada National Office, which draws on information from experts across Canada and beyond to answer questions from the TS community. Please send your questions to tsfc@tourette.ca with the salutation “Dear Dr. Ticcy.” Dear… Continue Reading


List of all upcoming and archived webinars, including February 26 on anxiety

THIS WEEK’S WEBINAR Getting Unstuck: How to Overcome Anxiety & Mood Problems with Behavioral Activation & Exposure February 26, 2014 Presented by Brian Chu, Ph.D. Problems with anxiety and depression often can be experienced by the same person, and distinguishing… Continue Reading


Coprolalia, Part 4: Coprolalia myths demystified

Ken Shyminsky, a former vice president of the Greater Toronto Chapter of the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada, draws upon his personal experiences as an teacher and student with Tourette Syndrome to help children with TS and related disorders. He… Continue Reading


Not normal and loving it

Conversations with Stink can be considered either terrifying or hysterical depending on one’s mind frame. I choose the second option — it’s so much freer. People who insist in living life at option No. 1 are going to be forever… Continue Reading


Help us support NJCTS so other TS families can get support, too

This is the link to Ally’s walk to benefit the NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome and its amazing NJCTS Children’s Scholarship Program. I can’t tell you how much this organization means to our family. Without them, I don’t know what… Continue Reading


My Story: “One Twitch At A Time” part 6

Here’s the continuation of my story, which I have posted on here over the past couple of weeks and started on my One Twitch At A Time page on Facebook. Fortunately, Mok was able to brace himself and avoid getting thrown from the… Continue Reading


Life beyond Tourette’s

There IS life beyond Tourette’s. Take a look at all these amazing people …It speaks to the possibility it can be done. Except maybe a ninja but there is some debate on whether the deficits in stealth are cancelled out… Continue Reading


New approach for those with Tourette Syndrome being tested in clinical trials

Medical researchers are hopeful that a new investigational drug being tested in clinical trials will prove to be an effective treatment for Tourette Syndrome – an inherited, misdiagnosed, misunderstood neurological disorder that presents in childhood and causes involuntary motor and… Continue Reading


How TS translates in acupuncture terms

Tics seem to be up for a lot of folk I know — including my own kid. More vocals — this time kind of a high-pitched squeak. Not really loud, but it is punctuating his sentences big time. The other… Continue Reading