Myths and truths about Tourette Syndrome

Ever since George Gilles de la Tourette discovered Tourette have people discussed and questioned real signs of the syndrome. Everything starting with how the disorder manifest and ending with the ways it should be treated is being discussed by doctors,… Continue Reading


Coprolalia, Part 4: Coprolalia myths demystified

Ken Shyminsky, a former vice president of the Greater Toronto Chapter of the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada, draws upon his personal experiences as an teacher and student with Tourette Syndrome to help children with TS and related disorders. He… Continue Reading


Top 10 Tourette Syndrome Myths

Shelby Crockett has been a paralegal for nine years and owns the site¬†How to Become a Paralegal. Her site helps students find the right paralegal school. Those who have Tourette Syndrome are likely to encounter loads of misinformation and those… Continue Reading