Help us support NJCTS so other TS families can get support, too

This is the link to Ally’s walk to benefit the NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome and its amazing NJCTS Children’s Scholarship Program. I can’t tell you how much this organization means to our family. Without them, I don’t know what we would have done. PLEASE help Ally reach her goal. It would mean so much to her. Thank you!

Ally was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome back in 2009. The start of our Tourette’s journey started on an extremely bumpy dirt road full of obstacles and potholes. Not only did we have to start educating ourselves about Tourette’s, but we were also plunged into the world of education law and 504s and IEPs.

The challenges we faced at times were overwhelming, and it seemed at times insurmountable. Then, one day in desperation I picked up the phone and called NJCTS. The phone was answered by, in my words, “an angel.” She spent more than an hour talking to me.

After the call, I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. I finally felt like “We can do this.” Over the years, with NJCTS’ help and the wonderful support of other TS moms, our road is now a much smoother, paved road. It’s not a highway and still has its speed bumps and potholes, but when we hit one, we know advice and help is just a call away.

NJCTS has been there with us through the worst of it. I don’t know what we as a family would have done without their guidance and support. So to show how much we appreciate all the work they put in at the Center, our family is walking to help this amazing organization.

I’m asking all my friends to please support us and this wonderful organization. Please help them keep making the TS road easier to travel. No amount is too small!

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