Stop the stigma

Good advice in general, but especially when it has become common to cite not always well understood disorders in joking. If someone isn’t struggling with obsessions and compulsions for hours a day they are not “so OCD”, a person who just can’t make up their mind is not “totally bipolar”, and a person who just likes to swear does not “sound like they have Tourettes”.

Back to school is right around the corner, so watch out for bullying!

August… Back to school is about to begin. Want to fight bullying this year? It’s as easy as just being a friend.

Special request to everyone returning to school in August: If you see someone who is struggling to make friends or being bullied, PLEASE step up. Say hi or at least smile at them in the hallway. You never know what that person might be outside of school. Your kindness might just make a big difference in someone’s life!!

Here’s how YOU can take action during Tourette Awareness Month!

Just about every day I see someone asking questions about Tourettes for which there are no solid answers. I can’t tell you what causes Tourettes, I can’t answer why Tourettes is hereditary yet you have no family history of it, I can’t respond to any question about medication without telling you that medicating for Tourettes may take trial and error because we all react differently to medication, I can’t even tell you how many people have Tourettes.

There is a lot of research needed to find the answers to these questions. To get that research done there needs to be more funding specifically for Tourettes. To get that funding we need to make some noise and draw attention to just how many of us there are. The National Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc. has set up an easy way for us to make that noise. There is a bill in congress that would re-allocate existing funds at the National Institute of Health (NIH) towards research and data collection on Tourettes, just follow this link and you can easily write to your representatives in congress to ask them to support this bill

There is a form letter already typed up that you can customize. Please do personalize your letters, TSA’s letter is kind of boring and factual, personal stories will make your letter more memorable. When you’re done ask your family and friends if they will also write a letter, the more people that write the better!!!


“At Random” is random, just like Tourette!

A pretty much perfect documentary project for Tourettes in in the social media age, is different every time it’s watched — just like Tourette. Symptoms are different for everyone that has it, and the viewer can choose how long they’d like to watch — for those short attention spans…

Or, of course, you could click on the credits and watch each person’s story individually! It’s Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month. Do it!