Ask Dr. Ticcy: What about relaxation techniques?

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Dear Dr. Ticcy,

Where can I find more information about relaxation techniques?


Dear F.,

Great question.

Relaxation is important for everyone, and can be especially helpful to someone with Tourette Syndrome. Since stress, excitement and anxiety may intensify or fuel tics, relaxation can assist with symptom mitigation. That is why non-pharmaceutical treatments like Comprehensive Behavioural Intervention for Tics (CBIT) and Habit Reversal Therapy (HRT) are often combined with relaxation therapy/techniques.

To learn more about relaxation techniques try:

1. CPRI Brake Shop Clinic

Video: http://www.cpri.ca/videos/Stress%20Techniques%20F.swf
Handouts: http://www.cpri.ca/uploads/section000162/files/handout_stress.pdf

2. Dr. Leslie E. Packer’s website “Tourette Syndrome Plus”

3.The TSFC Forum

Try threads like these: http://www.tourettesyndrome.ca/showthread.php?7005-Teach-Yourself-Your-Child-Relaxation

4. Asking an Occupation Therapist or Another Trained Professional

Dr. Ticcy

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