No wisdom teeth, no tics … huh?!

Just got my wisdom teeth removed four days ago. It hurts like crazy and I’m on heavy pain meds that make me super tired. I’ve hardly ticced at all in the past few days, though, since I got them out. It’s strange because the same thing happens to me when I get sick or anything like that: I hardly tic. Do any of you experience this? Someone might have already posted a similar question at some point, but I can’t remember!



  1. This is quite interesting. I am treating a patient who as an adult started ticing.
    He recently ‘felt something strange in one tooth’ and his tics went away for days. His tooth was removed and tics returned. There appears to be a relationship between his teeth and his tic.

  2. Yes! That happens to me too!

    I feel like that’s the only bit of compasion TS has: when you’re sick it’s not fair if you get more tics on top of that, so it helps you save energy by not ticcing ;)

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