Getting Involved With NJCTS – My Story

By Sarah Freeman, NJCTS Youth Advocate and Youth Council Co-Leader

I first learned about the NJCTS Youth Council from my parents, who received an email from NJCTS with information about the program. At the time, I was looking for ways to get involved with leadership and to connect more with those who had Tourette’s Syndrome, like me. I had only met two people with TS before, so the Youth Council seemed the perfect opportunity to meet others with similar experiences. Upon joining the council, I knew I had made the right decision. I decided to take on a leadership role, and I had the opportunity to become a co-leader at the council. It was such a gratifying experience getting the opportunity to practice leadership with NJCTS. I loved meeting the other participants who, like me, had a diagnosis of TS. I was also introduced to the Tim Howard Leadership Academy by joining the council, another fantastic experience. I met many Youth Council members for the first time, which was so much fun. Through spending three days with each other and learning about both TS and leadership, we bonded. I keep in contact with many people I grew close with at the academy today! 

I would highly recommend getting involved with NJCTS and their Youth Council to anyone impacted by TS. NJCTS has greatly impacted my life over the past two years. I have made incredible connections through my involvement with the organization, found numerous role models I admire, and learned invaluable lessons that I would not have otherwise. If you want to become a better leader or connect with others with similar experiences with TS, getting involved with NJCTS is the way to go. I promise you will not regret it!

The 2024 Tim Howard Leadership Academy application will be available later this year.


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