Conferences, hotels and internships … oh my!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been really busy with school and all the things that go with it, like my internship. But time was running out to book my hotel for Athens, as March 14 was the last day you could book using the discount the conference offered. I still didn’t know whether they would pay for my hotel, so I made a call Wednesday to get the answer. Later that day, my tics got so bad that I just booked the hotel hoping it would be all right.

But over the past few months, everything was going so well that something had to go wrong. So Thursday, literally 5 minutes after I got the confirmation from the hotel, I got an e-mail that said the conference would pay for only 1 night. So the hotel was too expensive and I had to find another. It took me a couple of hours to get used to that idea and then I found a new hotel.

It made me feel a bit insecure because I was picturing it all this time with me staying in the hotel were the conference was, and I want a nice place to get to at the end of the day so I can feel good the next day. So now I had to trust another hotel.

Today I canceled the first hotel and tried to book the new one. Well… to make a long story short: it’s now 4 hours since I’ve started to book the hotel and I have no idea whether it worked. My dad’s credit card keeps blocking because of the website and there’s no way to know that, so for a long time I thought there was something wrong with the website.

So I called them, but on the Dutch phone number they could only book Dutch hotels (while the website is Dutch and you could book Greek hotels there) so I had to call another number and there was just someone who said he spoke English, but, well, not really. So it took me 20 minutes to spell out my name and other information and then he said my credit card didn’t work. I told him in the beginning of the conversation that I didn’t want to book by phone, but he didn’t get that, so after 20 minutes I just hung up.

Later my dad unblocked the credit card and I tried to book again. It worked, I thought, but I didn’t get a confirmation e-mail and no one could tell me why. And I think now it’s blocked again.

Now I just have to stop looking into it because I have a lot of prep work to do for next week, when I have an entire week of internship.

Today I bought an extra whiteboard (that’s my fourth one!), so I’m going to write everything down — all the stuff I have to do — and hopefully my head will calm down a bit!

To be continued……



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