Introducing my Crooked Lullaby video!

Hello everybody! Finally, the release of my Crooked Lullaby video is here! Please take a look at the link ♥, I really appreciate it. I did the video myself, using my Canon Rebel to film and iMovie to edit. It was a super hot few weeks during the taping of the “piano-in-the-field” part — so hot that the black keys on the piano turned to rainbow colours. We didn’t see it during filming, only on the footage afterward.

There is an issue, though, that YouTube is saying that it’s not my content because a third party has it on CD Baby. I’m the third party! Amazing that they are not better organized over there. You can still view it, but they are not letting the video on my feed till the “dispute” is resolved. :( I’m not sure what to do, if anyone knows what to do let me know.

Also, could you sub me on YouTube? I have more than 175,000 views and 5,000-plus subscribers, so it’s a good channel to sub. And LIKE me on Facebook, too, if you can? I don’t post a lot, just once in a while. Drop me a hello there. :) I love getting messages.

I hope you like everything enough and help me get the word out about my songs and videos. Thank you!

Oh, and to all my U.S.A. anti-bullying friends, my video Stronger has more than 70,000 views! ♥ I never thought one of my originals would have so many views. Could you please share again for National Anti-Bullying Month (which is right now, October!)? I really appreciate it if you could do that. I know it’s making a difference just based on all the comments I’m getting . :)

Stay golden!



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  1. wowwwwwww this is so good! you did this all by yourself? do you have tourettes?

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