Help me get my poetry published

Hello everyone! I am trying to get the poem I posted on Friday published. I hope that it can spread everywhere and be seen. If anyone out there knows of a way I can get this poem, and my other poems, published please let me know!

I also am now officially in Chapter 5 of my book that I am writing. I am so excited to write more. Also, there’s less than a week until homecoming! It’s going to be so much fun! My tics are still being horrible, but I am making it through like I always do. Hope you all are having a not-so-ticky day. :)

It’s a cloudy morning where I am. Unfortunately, last night was horrible for me. In the middle of dance class, I started crying because my tics were causing me so much pain and my blood sugar was low. One of my friends helped me, so I made it through the rest of the class alright. But on my way home and when I got home, I broke down.

I have been going through a lot, and I have been feeling trapped by many things — tics being one of them. I hope things get better for me. I won’t put any negative energy onto here. I just wanted to let all of you know what was going on. Hope you all are having a easy, flowing day.




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