Watch NJCTS Youth Advocate Tess Kowalski’s interview on ABC’ NJ Viewpoint

We are so proud of NJCTS Youth Advocate Tess Kowalski and Tim Kowalski who were interviewed by ABC’s Ken Rosato for NJ Viewpoint. Thank you for representing NJCTS and for all you continue to do to raise Tourette Syndrome awareness! If you missed the segment that aired on Sunday you can watch it here. Bravo!

NJCTS Youth Advocate featured on ABC’s “Protect Our Children” special

PROTECT_OUR_CHILDREN_Date Time WABCOn April 16th, ABC aired the, “PROTECT OUR CHILDREN: COPING, STRESS, & MOVING FORWARD” special hosted by Eyewitness News Anchor, Diana Williams. This special describes what experts are referring to as an epidemic of stress-related problems plaguing our children. It’s not easy being a kid these days and the American Psychological Association says one in three teens is stressed. Doctors report they are treating kids as young as six for Migraines and Ulcers. NJCTS Youth Advocate Tom Licato of South Plainfield, NJ, was featured in the program along with other young people dealing with physical, mental, and economic stress-related problems.

“Meeting a 17 year old High School Junior on a mission to educate others about Tourette Syndrome, he’s clearly a leader and a powerful advocate,” said the special’s producer, Jeelu Billimoria. “Finally being diagnosed in 6th grade was a relief for him and he continues to be treated at Overlook Medical Center’s Neuroscience Institute.”

Click here to watch one of NJCTS’s finest advocates on ABC.


New release: “Six Feet” !!!

Hey everyone! I’ve got a new release out, and it’s a dramatic, artistic piece called Six Feet. It has a deep, distant melody matched with controversial lyrics. The theme is delicately described with loose referencing and symbolism. The basic message expresses the loss of humanity’s ability to love and communicate. The genre is alternative/sadcore, and I shot the “still” video in my garage.


And here are some other links of mine for you to check out:

My new video “Marathons” is out!

Here are the lyrics and link to my new video “Marathons!” I hope you like it!



The day the world flips over

The day the sun dries up

The day the sky falls down

The day the stars give up

Oh the day your bones are broken bits washed on the beach

Every piece of me will still belong to you

Oh the way your breath is hanging somewhere in my lungs

My blood is running marathons for you

The way the wind will whisper

The way the clouds turn red

The people slip down under

All religion falls down dead

Oh the day your bones are broken bits washed on the beach

Every piece of me will still belong to you

Oh the way your breath is hanging somewhere in my lungs

My blood is running marathons for you

(Filmed on the seventh floor of Macy’s in San Francisco)

My latest song: “The Ghost”

Welcome summer & goodbye high school!

It’s been more than six months since I last reached out with my song and video “Wallpaper.” It got more than 30,000 views and some great coverage. I wrote a couple of new songs and even posted a cover (people keep telling me to do that).

I didn’t do videos because I’ve been so busy wrapping up Grade 12, and I also have 2 part-time jobs now. I’m starting Algonquin in September in the School of Media and Design—excited about this!

I’d appreciate it if you’d listen to at least “The Ghost” if you can spare about 3 minutes. 🙂 Drop me a note in the comments section, too, if you’d like. I always love hearing feedback.



The candle burns at both ends,

You say we’re nothing but friends,

I understand,

Standing at the foot of my bed

The ghost is shaking his head

I’m spilling red

Four Months

Cover – You’ve Got a Friend

PRESS – “Wallpaper”

1. Skope Magazine:

2. Feminindie:




A preview of “What Made Mozart Tic”

James McConnel, a composer with Tourette’s Syndrome, has always believed that Mozart might also have suffered from Tourette’s. Not only that, but we can hear it in the music. In this film, James McConnel sets out to find proof that this was the case, and embarks on a journey to Vienna, Salzburg and back to London with some entertaining and unexpected results. Illustrated with surprising re-interpretations of Mozart’s work, this is a musical, personal and artistic journey, with a soundtrack by Mozart himself.

Video: Tourette’s in college

Hey everyone! Check out this video that I’m in! It’s a discussion about life with Tourette’s in college with 3 young adults with TS (all girls!). We discuss Ffunny stories about TS in college, reactions and school accommodations. It’s long, but feel free to skip around and listen to what is relevant to you!

New Canadian rock band features members with TS


Say hello to Pariah.

They’re a young, ambitious Canadian rock band, and two of their members happen to have TS.

A five-piece ensemble, Pariah hails from Mississauga and Oakville, and they all love to write music, record and perform.

The band already has their own Facebook pageTwitter account and YouTube channel. On the latter you can hear a demo and watch a video of them performing live, and if you live in the Greater Toronto Area you’ll have a chance to see them play live on Sunday, April 27, at the Rockpile West in Etobicoke, ON.

Pariah is:

Chanel Martins – Lead Vocals

Jiverny Marshall – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

Dylan Murray – Lead Guitar

Justin Speers – Bass

Ian Coll – Drums

Here’s a video of them performing a song called “Adrift.”