I have always been different

For those of you who haven’t seen the videos I have of my tics as a child, I put them all together into one video. It helps me to see these videos. It helps me know that I’m not exaggerating, I’m not wrong, I do have Tourette’s and have had it ever since I was a child, and I am not somehow making it up.

I dealt with it when I was young and have been dealing with it ever since I was about 3, so I can handle it now. Growing up with Tourette’s made me strong and made me into the person I am today. That is what these videos help me to remember.

The first clip is a video of quick eye blinking and facial tics. The second clip shows a lip pursing tic. The third clip shows echolalia/palalalia, a vocal tic in which I repeat my own words and the words of others. The fourth clip shows a complex tic which consists of bringing my arms upward, widening and un-focusing my eyes, and tilting my head.

And the fifth video is the long one which shows many of my tics during a dance class, some of which include licking my hands, small facial tics, ankle movements, hitting my tongue with the palm of my hands and with closed fists, falling on the ground (not sure if this was exactly a tic or what this is really), other tongue movements, and wiping my face with my hands and arms.

Also in the end of the video you can hear my mom saying in the background “I can’t wait till my husband see’s this. At least finally he’ll get the idea about what I mean when I say there’s definitely something different about her.” Every time I hear her say that line it really hits me. I have always been different, even when I didn’t know it.



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