Adult Onset Tourette Syndrome: Suppression

The following post is from Alec Stott, author of the Adult Onset Tourette Syndrome blog who this year, at age 21, was diagnosed with TS.

I’ve started to realize lately how much I suppress my tics pretty much all of the time, and how tiring it is. Suppressing a tic is like suppressing a sneeze; eventually it’s going to happen, so you’re just delaying the inevitable.

When I’m driving in my car (I’m still not sure if this is legal yet or not) I let it all go, and it feel fantastic. This is usually because I’m driving to or from work, where I HAVE to suppress it, so I’m either wearing myself out beforehand or letting it out after. But still, I feel like I never take time to be completely myself in my free time and time with my girlfriend.

However, nowadays small things have been seeping out, as I have said. The coprolalia in parts as well as more painful urges. I’d be interested to see what it might be like to spend a full day with myself as I naturally am, and see how it felt to deal with the full onslaught.



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