COLLEGE WEEK: Tourette Syndrome wristband update

Today was my first time wearing my “Tourette’s Tics Me Off” wristband in college. I’ve worn it all day and added another wristband that says “Donate Life” because I signed up to be an organ donor. No one really commented on my wristband, but I still felt good just wearing it! It made me feel more open about my Tourette Syndrome and made me feel more like I accept the fact I have TS and accept myself.

Since moving into the dorms, I’ve been talking less about TS because even though I have told quite a few people about my tics briefly, my new friends and I are not close enough to feel comfortable talking about it quite yet. They don’t really know what to say I think, and truthfully I don’t know how to bring it up very well without being awkward about it either.

One thing I know, though, is that time helps everything. In time, I will be more comfortable talking about TS with my new friends, and in time they will, too. For now though, wearing my wristband today was a start.

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